Hey everyone. The year is coming to a close, each year I try to build myself a new site and typically I launch my new sites when the new year arrives. I am too excited to wait till the first, plus I wanted to launch before the world ends ( lol ). In any event… here it is! As always I built the site using wordpress. This time instead of starting from scratch when creating the wordpress theme, I decided to start off with the Skeleton WordPress Theme by This starter theme is a great starting point if you aiming at creating a responsive theme. I learned a lot through out the development / design process.

I began using images (files) for all of my buttons and backgrounds, and as I continued on.. I ended up creating css buttons where I could. I also used sprites for the first time as well. When viewing on other devices particularly mobile I noticed a huge difference between the coded buttons vs the image based buttons, in terms of crispness. The coded buttons own my image based buttons.

There are a few issues I am having when viewed on a mobile device. My sidebar doesn’t seem to hold up on phones or tablets… depending on the browser. Still working on a solution. All in all, I’m super happy with the results, and can’t wait to keep working and tweaking on it. But for now I must return to my regular duties :)

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