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My name is Chris Farina. I’m a graphic designer from Milwaukee, WI. Naturally gifted in art, I can draw, paint, build, layout, and create just about anything my mind sees. I specialize in user interface design, icon design, & illustration. I have over 10+ years of professional design experience under my belt, and have been fortunate enough to turn my passion in to my career.
I love to drink coffee (lots of it), and like to share and talk all things creative.


User Interface Design


Video Game Art

I love Design
designiconRecent Work
Clients hire me to do all sorts of design work. Be sure to check out my entire portfolio to see if I'm a match for your next project.

I was fortunate enough to work on an exciting project for, and today...
Flat UI Kit 2
Professionally designed, detailed, Light, and Bright Flat Web UI kit v2. With subtle depth....
Flat UI Kit 1
Professionally designed, detailed, Dark, and Bright Flat Web UI kit. Perfect for any web...
Rocksmith 2014
Ubisoft Officially announces ‘Rocksmith 2014′ so I am super excited to share a tiny...
Orange Amp OR15
Had some time late last night, and at lunch to wrap up on my...
Audio Pro UI Kit V1
Professionally designed and highly detailed audio themed User Interface Kit. Perfect for any audio...

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